Wednesday, April 28, 2010


“It’s a Mad Mad World.”

MSNBC has declared that illegal immigrants under AZ law are now criminals. Shocking!
But "illegal" immigrants who have violated federal law and are subject to arrest and deportation are already criminals, aren't they?

Gordon Brown the British PM who is leading the Labour Party's quest for continued control of parliament in the upcoming elections, had a face to face with a disgruntled woman while on a campaign tour. Afterwards, while in his car, he was somehow recorded saying that she was a "bigoted woman". Horrors! The UK press is now predicting an election catastrophe for the Labour Party. Is this another "macacca moment"? Are British elections decided on such flimsy politically incorrect events? Labour was probably not going to win a majority in Parliament anyway so we will never know.

Harry:  The ever silver tongued Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, frustrated by the refusal of Senate Republicans to allow the financial reform bill to go to the Senate floor without some modifications opined that the Republicans were "anti-senate and anti-American". This, just hours before a unanimous vote cleared the way for the bill to go to the floor for debate. So far no retraction by Harry.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, before a Senate committee said the "border is as secure as it's ever been." She also said it wasn't "fair" to ask her if it was secure. Isn’t she really the Secretary of Homeland . . . .oh well. While governor of Arizona, Napolitano declared a "state of emergency" because of border violence.

"I Left My Heart":   The People's Republic of San Francisco in it‘s latest left wing hissy fit is so outraged that the state of Arizona doesn't subscribe to their "Sanctuary City" program for accepting illegal immigrants and giving them city identification cards, and instead has passed a strong law  intended to curtail illegal immigration across the Mexico-Arizona border, is putting together a program of "economic sanctions" against Arizona. Economic warfare between a city and a separate state over laws only applicable in that state? Maybe the city of San Francisco should be put in charge of sanctions against Iran since Obama can't seem to get it done.

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