Wednesday, January 5, 2011


From the weeds:

Now that a new Congress has reported for duty, those of us who live out in the weeds, i.e., outside the major metropolitan areas, have taken a deep breath. How long we have to hold it remains to be seen. We're waiting to see if the new Congress has the cajones to start repairing our broken government in spite of the extremists who were, in many cases, responsible for their election. But while we're holding our breaths we're smiling. Watching Nancy Pelosi today step down from her position in line for the Presidency should have made every patriotic American smile. And while I'm not a big fan of Boehmer, he seems to be politically astute enough to recognize his responsibilities to us, the voters.
I guess I should use the State Department's terminology: I'm “cautiously optimistic” that our new bozos in D.C. can earn their pay. But, nah.... I'm not even cautiously optimistic. The party of Pelosi is unlikely to change overnight. The GOP, which was virtually hijacked by the religious right a few years back, is equally unlikely to change. That leaves us with those newly elected Congressmen who claim affiliation with the Tea Party. It's not hard to find large degree of naivete among those folks. Anyone who watched as the recent elections unfolded was astounded by the likes of Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle, and it's equally disheartening to hear a new Tea Party member talk stridently about drastically cutting government spending. No one wants to touch the third rail. No one will admit we need more revenue to close the deficit. Any proposal for increased government revenue will impact someone's rice bowl. 
It's all "rice bowl" politics. No one seems to care about the health of the nation, only about what can government do for me. It's accountability, folks, from start to finish. I suspect we're no better off with the new bozos than we were with the old ones. Sad.

From the weeds:
It's a feeding frenzy. It didn't take long. The Navy relieved one of its carrier skippers from his command. The reason? Stupidity. Captain Honors felt obligated to entertain the crew two years ago, and now his stupidity has come back to bite him on the a**. The feeding frenzy has now begun. The media want to know how he got away with this newly revealed stupidity for so long. Who was his CO when he shot himself in the foot? Where is said skipper now? Is he still on active duty? Is the still a captain? Has he been promoted to Flag rank? The media want to know. They think it'll help sell toothpaste. The rest of us.... well, we really don't give a rat's patootie.

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